In my world of vintage I am an oddity at times, not because of what I do but because the gender I am.

You see, when I am out hunting for vintage treasures  you can find me in old barns, workshops, dumpsters, junk yards and salvage yards. Most of these places belong to a man. They are always astounded that I am a woman who likes metal, machines, industrial and your random vintage oddity. They scratch their heads when I get right in and get dirty with the next guy and can load a metal table into my car on my own...don't get me wrong I am not ashamed or afraid to take up an offer to load my car up with all the metal I find, shoot I relish in the opportunity to not have to load my own car.

I was at an estate sale once and there were two lines, one for the house the other for the workshop. I was number 2 in line but not for the house, for the workshop. Not one but almost all the men in line each told me I was in the wrong line, the house line was over there ( I was the only woman in "their" line). When I told them nope I was in the line I wanted to be in they just scratched their heads and shrugged.

This happens often, these men are just confused on why a "girl" would want metal. I have to admit it makes me smile, there is nothing like confusing a guy. Teehee!

Women are not simple beings you can just make blanket statements about, we are complex and individual. I love a pair of 4" heels and a sexy dress just as much as I love my chucks, jeans and t-shirts. I don't discriminate between the two they are both me. If you ever get a chance to come by my studio you will find gold brocade dresses merchandised next to bouquets of saws. Yes, a tomboy and a Latina with curves. That's me!

I love being a woman and am happy to be comfortable in a pile of glitter as much as a pile of metal.  I am not alone, there are many of us picking women out their getting the same odd looks as we dig for that perfect vintage metal yumminess. To all of you I say "happy picking" and to all the men we love because you horde metal we say "thank you"!