I have loved being in my current studio space, it is very me but it has it's down side too...no heat, entrance in the alley and no place to hide the "ugly" stuff. With that being said I am excited to announce I am moving...not far just up around the corner to street side. I will still be in the same building with the same address just now I will have an actual store front, a separate studio space, heat in the store (makes for happier shopping) and will be street side so now you can actually find me!

Fingers crossed I can start working on the store part this week, the current tenant is suppose to move out today and there is a LOT of work to do on the space before Saturday when we have a Open Studio scheduled. It will be one of those works in progress and that's ok...need to keep it all in perspective.

Feeling inspired...

I will keep you posted to my progress with pictures...I love a new adventure and am so excited about this one.